Welcome to xcnutrition.com. This is a parent created website to help Cross Country Runners understand how to properly hydrate and stay fueled for their best performance.

Don't be afraid to tell your coach if you start feeling dizzy or light headed.  You might not be getting enough to drink.
 Coach Brian Schneidewind 
Millbrook High School 


In a hurry?  Print this fact sheet for more info on Fluids and Nutrition for Top Performance


Thank you for visiting www.xcnutrition.com. Please check back as we continue to add information from local physicians and nutrition experts PLUS interviews with local runners. Special thanks to the many local experts who have supported this project and reviewed this material. Our panel of experts have granted permission to post their material on our website and in addition you may post these on your own school website.


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The Cross Country Parent Education Group offers support to coaches, trainers, parents and cross country runners with the goal to improve safety, hydration and nutrition. We are a group of volunteer parents representing most Wake County high schools, PLUS we have a group of dedicated physicians and nutrition experts providing information and backing up our facts.